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  • Posted : 22/10/2014
  • Name: Kurt Underhay
  • Subject: Email re stock sent too late


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Customer Comment Details
I spoke today to a customer support representative, and then to Dawn, regarding a delay of my order 00E2356702.
I will not comment here on the support given by the first person I spoke to, but Dawn was very helpful.
Instead I would like to address how Scan currently notifies customers of delays. It seems that, while Scan knew about the stock problems affecting my order yesterday by 4pm, I was only notified of the problem after 8pm. Had I been notified of the problem timeously, I could have addressed the issue with Scan and still received the remainder of my order on the scheduled date.

While discussing this issue, reference was made several times by customer support representatives to the high volumes of "thousands" of orders, and how this makes sending update emails a challenge. I don't feel that a volume of "thousands" in the current day, represents any sort of problem to getting information out timeously to customers. Yes I understand that you're not a huge operation etc. but if your volumes have grown to the point where you can't provide prompt and timeous information to your customers, you need to rethink your operations and upgrade and update where necessary.

On a separate note, I'd suggest that it's worth your while to review the grammar on your website and correct it. Regardless of the size of a company or the awards they have on their shelves, poor grammar always detracts from a positive image. For example, "logout" (while in common misuse) is not correct, the verb is "log out". As another example, your FAQ page is positively riddled with errors ("Situated", "What is Scan opening times", "order's", "Service's", incomplete sentence fragments and so on). Basic errors like these leave an amateurish, unprofessional impression. If you would like any assistance identifying and correcting these issues I am happy to volunteer my services.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- "

Scan's Action

" Hi Kurt,
Thank you for your Feedback and comments,

We do try to ensure all orders we take are made on a next day delivery service, we do make it clear the next day delivery we offer is based on volumes of orders received throughout the day and also stock availability.

Orders are picked throughout the day and we ensure any orders with items on pre-order or unavailable are part picked to secure all in stock items. At close of business we send a mail shot through email to all delayed orders for all out of stock items and also any which may have incurred a delay due to volumes, as explained the reason it is only sent at close of business is due to Scan still receiving deliveries of stock up until this point.

You called at your earliest opportunity when Scan reopened the following day to remove your out of stock items allowing the order to ship, we also upgraded your delivery to a priority 10.30am service at no extra cost, to ensure the remainder of the goods were delivered as a priority. I apologise for the one day delay caused by the out of stock issue with your order.

With relation to any grammar error on our website, I have passed these comments over to our website development department who will correct these accordingly.

Kind Regards, "