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  • Posted : 11/11/2014
  • Name: Mike Williams
  • Subject: Issues with DPD delivering to my Apartment complex


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Hi there. Thank you so much for a good quality service, right up until the delivery. I've used your website over many years but simply cannot continue because of DPD (courier). I live in a complex of nearly 1,000 apartments and DPD's name is dirt. They don't try to deliver the parcels. They simply drop them off at concierge, each and every time. So much so, that our concierge staff is now recommending we don't use any vendor online that uses DPD to deliver with.

I've already contacted DPD (twice in the last two weeks as they've failed to even attempt to deliver to me directly) and they assured me this wouldn't happen again.

My custom, sadly, will go elsewhere as a good quality courier is very much part of shopping online.

Yours frustratedly,

Mike Williams.
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Scan's Action

" Hi Mike,

Thank you for your comments and feedback,

I am really sorry to hear this, we use DPD for all our deliveries and we do have a lot of good feedback with regards to their service which is why I was so surprised to hear of your issues.

I have forwarded your comments on to DPD for them to review with the delivery depot and the drivers involved.

Regards, "