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  • Posted : 19/11/2014
  • Name: James Taylor
  • Subject: Sunday Live Chat


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Customer Comment Details
I don't tend to give too much feedback because I don't like to complain. However, this is the best service I think I have ever received from any company. I needed to buy a laptop from the UK and get it sent to Germany. I went to many supposedly big online suppliers who either:-
Wouldn't deliver to Germany
Wouldn't accept PayPal
Would accept PayPal but not from outside the UK
Wanted to charge 40 pounds for delivery
Wanted extras to 'pre-test' the equipment
Had a complicated contact procedure, some claiming a response within 5-7 working days - waste of time

Then, I remembered that I had used you guys for audio computing in the past and thought I would give you a try.
You had instant chat on a Sunday (its a miracle), the process was super easy, cheap and conducted in a friendly, human and professional manner and I couldn't be more pleased.
In fact I ordered something from Germany at the same time which hasn't arrived yet, whereas your package has.
There aren't many companies that exceed expectations but I am glad there is one.
Well done Scan, all my future dealings will go through you and I am sure, the friends and family that I sing your praises to will as well.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
I don't recall whom I spoke to (sunday live chat) but I think it was Lee, maybe?! "