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  • Posted : 26/11/2014
  • Name: Rob Pearce
  • Subject: Poor Packaging


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Customer Comment Details
INVOICE E2381968 arrived today exactly on time. For a parcel that only left you yesterday it was in a poor packaged condition prompting me to ask is this why you offer a warranty for products that may not work. You should explain that the cover should be taken out in case the courier wrecks the product. The product looks intact but is a Xmas present so will not be checked for a few weeks. I do hope I have no need to contact you in a few weeks. Your courier should be ashamed of how they have handled your products.I use the same courier on a daily basis at my place of work and we often see the same issues.
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Scan's Action

" Hi Rob,

Thank you for your email,

I apologise sincerely for the condition of your box and packaging, I will make it clear to our warehouse and dispatch staff to check the items box and condition it may have been the last one left.

I can confirm by Uk law, all items have to come with at least 12 months warranty for any faults from the manufacturer this is offered for every item for sale within the Uk and some manufacturer offer longer.

We have a seperate insurance with our courier company which covers every item we sell for any loss or damage to any parcel Scan sells, this insurance is covered within the amount paid on postage.

The Scansure protection covers the items which may be possibly damaged by the consumer for example if you drop an item out of its box, bend pins accidentally on a motherboard or even spill a cup of coffee while building a system.

There are many difference types of warranty or cover on offer, if you are unhappy we would be more than happy to look at replacing the item for you.

Kind Regards, "