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  • Posted : 21/12/2014
  • Name: Mr J Butler
  • Subject: Hermes delayed delivery


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I recently received delivery of a X-box 360 wireless controller for windows (invoice no. 00E2388667). This order has had several issues. Firstly, despite being listed as dispatched on 01/12, delivery took a further two weeks to arrive. I understand that delivery takes longer this time of year but, in light of my second issue, this is unacceptable. Secondly, sometime during dispatch and delivery, the package has been crushed on the lower-right corner. This has torn the packaging up the right-hand side and made what is to be a christmas present look like a poorly handled second-hand item.

Had this been any other time of year, or had the advertised delivery date been upheld, I would have immediately sent the item back and ordered a replacement. As the controller itself seems undamaged and I cannot afford to wait a several more weeks, I will still be giving it to my younger brother this christmas. Regardless, I view this as unacceptable service and wish to make a complaint.

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Scan's Action

" Hi Jacob,

Thank you for your email,

I am sorry for the delay and the condition of the item which was received, I can see it was with Hermes for quite a long period of time, I have asked them to look into why there was such a delay with the delivery of your item.

I would be happy to offer you an exchange if you like however as it is so close to Christmas now I can not guarentee a replacement in time.

I have arranged for a postage refund of £3.99 + vat for the carriage charge paid against this order, as a goodwill gesture.

Regards, "