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  • Posted : 23/12/2014
  • Name: Mr Adam Howson
  • Subject: Delayed Order


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Customer Comment Details

After a year of good prices and satisfactory service from Scan, I've afraid I have to end the year with a complaint.

Invoice No: 00E2405131

On Sat 20th I ordered the above and the website said I could have a Monday 22nd pre 10am delivery and so I paid the extra to do this.
On Sun 21st I received an email saying that my order would be delayed because of a shortage of the free gift. I immediately rang and emailed customer service saying I didn't want the free gift and was reassured that the order would go out the same day in time for Monday pre 10am. It was never dispatched.
On Mon 22nd I rang customer service twice. The first time I range at 11:00 and was reassured the order would go out the same day and I rang again at 16:30 when there was no sign of movement on the order to be reassured the order would be with me today. Again, the order has not been dispatched.

So, here we are on the 23rd and I've just received an email saying my order will be further delayed, with an angry client and a dissatisfied customer with an order that was not dispatched over an item I neither wanted or needed and would have easily fitted into an envelope to be posted at a later date.

To add insult to injury I rechecked the website and the free gift is no longer offered and in the same update the item is now £7 per unit cheaper, for a total of £56.

Had it been a day late and still in time to please the client, I would have put this down to the holiday period, but the biggest disappointment is that I have been mislead 3 times by customer service staff and I now have no hope that order will arrive tomorrow.

I would like to hear what Scan has to say over this issue and what action you wish to take to retain me as a future customer.

Kind regards,

Adam Howson
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Scan's Action

" Hi Adam,

Thank you for your feedback and comments,

I apologise for the delay with your recent order, I can assure you this is not our usual level of service, I will admit we went live with some offers on Black Friday and although we anticipated being busy it went a bit chaotic.

We have recruited extra staff and we have had staff in working until late at night and even on a Sunday to try and work through the back-log due to Christmas we were inundated with a lot more orders than we predicted.

I can see we recalculated the cost of your order, and reduced the price of the drives, we also refunded any postage charge you were charged based on the delay and problems of your order.

Regards, "