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  • Posted : 31/12/2014
  • Name: Mark Combellack
  • Subject: Stock Complaint


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Customer Comment Details

RE: Order 00E2412090

I placed an order for in stock items on 30/12/2014 for next day delivery. I have subsequently received a "we have no stock" email and have been told that there will be no stock until 06/01/2015. How is this possible that you cannot deliver in stock items?

I phoned and spoke to Vishal who explained that the website is "often wrong" and displays incorrect information about stock levels as it often shows items that are out of stock as being in stock. He advised that if I really wanted to know what was in stock then I should phone customer services for them to check stock levels.

Also Vishal made two conflicting statements that:

* "items are allocated in the order that they are ordered" (i.e. earliest orders first before later orders)
* and "items are allocated in a random order" (i.e. random luck as to whether you get the stock or not)

He also said this not an uncommon problem with customer orders. This can clearly be seen in your feedback section at

This is not really a complaint about Vishal as he was helpful and polite and tried to resolve the issues as best as he could within the limited options that he has.

The complaint is actually about your corporate policies and your website not clearly and accurately showing stock levels. It is unacceptable for a well respected company such as Scan to fail to provide its customers with accurate stock level information. Some of your competitors are doing so (e.g. so why not you?

From this order, I've learnt that if I MUST have an order the next day then Scan is NOT the company to use and I should order elsewhere.

I really do hope you can improve the stock information displayed on your website. By continuing to do such a poor job, you risk loosing your most valuable asset - your loyal customers.

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Vishal "

Scan's Action

" Hi Mark,

Thank you for your feedback and comments,

I will speak to Vishal regarding the comments he made as they are inaccurate, he is relatively new to the Scan Customer service team and as such he has give incorrect or inaccurate information.

I agree we do on sometimes have discrepancies with our stock levels however this probably effects less than 1% of the amount of items we sell for example, incorrect stock being received or damaged, missing stock within our warehouse.

We do have a slight refresh time on the website due to the amount of items we sell, for example if there is only one or two pieces of stock left we have a sales counter in store, Business sales department via the phone, a retail sales department via the phone, also an eBay and Amazon Marketplace shop as such it can outsell very quickly especially if the item is a fast seller or low in price.

We do ship over 99% of orders first time without any discrepancies or delays, however in December we have been extremely busy and our usual high standard have slipped we admit. We are trying our best to work through this back-log and to ensure any customer with discrepancies will be notified in a timely manner.

Kind Regards, "