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  • Posted : 09/01/2015
  • Name: Mr Jaroslav Brtinsky
  • Subject: Delayed December Order


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Used to he good place to buy components, but not any more. Helpful but incompetent untrained staff at customer service. My last "urgent" order was delayed over and over due to parts not in stock, replaced by them with another parts as well not in stock. After 2 phone calls over 2 days finally dispatched but some parts selected by another operator incorrect yet again. 
No reply to my complaint email, no apology, no refund of postage as promised. Absolutely incompetent! I've spent here over £1500 but have been let down. Unfortunately cannot recommend.
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" Thank you for your feedback and comments,

I can see from the query on your invoice numbers all email have been responded to, I am sorry you are unhappy with our service. I admit our usual high service levels did slip below our high levels in December which we worked overtime and extremely hard to catch-up and work on as quickly as possible.

I can see we also refunded your postage charge due to the delay and service you experienced on this order.

Regards, "