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  • Posted : 28/01/2015
  • Name: Miss Rebe Barton
  • Subject: Incurred call charges


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On the 8th Jan 2015 I ordered a Corsair Vengence keyboard (£94.43)(invoice no E2419465) to be delivered the next day to Lincoln by UPS. I was then that evening that this order would not be fulfilled. I contacted your company and was told that this was a problem with UPS and that you would send the order out via DPD (invoice no 02276083) and it would arrive on saturday 10th (instead of friday 9th). The package did not arrive as it was sent to my billing address in London, I had never asked for it to be delivered anywhere but Lincoln. I again contacted your team, who informed me that this would be sorted (after two phone calls) and it would be delivered on sunday the 11th. The package was not delivered on sunday and I spent 29 minutes on hold, being told that I was the next in the queue with 5 mins to wait, this did not change and I hung up. We finially spoke to someone on Monday 12th who arranged for the parcel to be delivered on the 13th, 4 days late. the keyboard was a gift for my father who's birthday was on the 10th. I was unhappy about the difficulty and stress the whole process caused, especially as my brother recommended your site as he has spend approximately £5000 with you. I was even more unhappy to discover that the phones calls I made to your company to try to sort this mess out has cost me £16.34 in charges. There was nothing we could do about not being able to give my father his gift on his birthday, and not even being present when it arrived as we had to return to our homes. However, I would appreciate it if you would refund me the cost of the calls I had to make to you please.
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Scan's Action

" Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your email,

I am sorry for the problems you have experienced on this occasion, I can assure you this is not our usual level of service, I can see there was a delay and issue with sending the order via UPS and we had to re-send via DPD.

I can confirm we refunded the postage on your original order, I am unable to refund your call charges unfortunately as we have other contact numbers and means of contacting us as options, for example our email facility online, you can request a call back online, and also we have a live-chat facility which is similar to a Web chat.

As a goodwill gesture I could offer free postage on a future order to the value of £9.58 + vat if you wish to redeem this offer please reply to this email with your next invoice number.

Regards, "