The Word

  • Posted : 04/04/2015
  • Name: Mr Mick Jupp
  • Subject: Your personnel have always been friendly


" I have used your company for a few years now and have always been very happy with the service.

Your personnel have always been friendly, polite, helpful and knowledgeable.

With regard to my latest purchase I was concerned about one item following a very bad review on the item within your site. I am pleased to say that Lee Penning ton was very good at resolving my concerns that resulted in me keeping the item on my list.

Another item was not in stock and the date of delivery seemed to go further away every time I looked.
I did contact you and Adam Barnett replied. Because of the changing dates I did telephone on several occasions and I believe it was Adam that I spoke to. On each occasion Adam was very friendly and went out of his way to check what was going on so as to keep me up to date. He also ensured that I was one of the first to have the item once it was in stock and organised a quick delivery after that

I always do a trawl of suppliers when looking for computer parts and whilst I have come across some individual items cheaper than your prices, when buying several items (i.e. building a new computer) you have always been cheaper or cheap, especially when including postage (that includes Amazon). On the occasions you are not the cheapest, the price difference is so small it is worth buying from you, knowing all the items are coming from one source.

One suggestion I would like to make with regard to Motherboards / RAM / CPU / CPU fans / PC cases could you link / suggest compatible items or, at least flag up any item that is not compatible when putting them into a basket. It would then be up to the purchaser to decide if they were buying those items to put together or were going into different set-ups
On this occasion I bought a Motherboard and wanted RAM for it. From your site I had no idea what was compatible. I specifically wanted EEC RAM. which you did not appear to sell. I bought it from Mr Memory as they asked for the make of the motherboard and identified for you all the EEC and Non EEC RAM that was suitable. Whilst they did not identify the maker of the RAM throughout the purchasing process it was clearly visible on the packaging of the RAM. When I inputted the part number into your Search Box you did sell it and at fair bit cheaper. This did not worry me particularly as I was reassured that the RAM I had in my hand was compatible. Looking for suitable CPU could also be included. I know this is possible, as there are web site suppliers that will tell you when two or more items are not compatible and often will identify what is.

Once again many thanks for the service and the support I felt I received from your staff "