The Word

  • Posted : 29/11/2005
  • Name: Martin Williams
  • Subject: Scan Free Gift


" I received this order today and opened it to find everything that I ordered plus a TDK Bluetooth Adaptor for use with a Palm PDA. Upon reading the enclosed invoice I was informed that this is a free gift from yourselves. This is very kind of you, thankyou very much, but unfortunately I do not own a Palm PDA and I therefore have no use for such a device. This may seem somewhat cheeky and I don't wish to appear ungrateful, but could I possibly claim another free gift, one that I have a use for? If this would mean that you'd require me to return the Bluetooth adaptor then I am willing to do so, if this is not at all possible then no worries, I'm sure I can get a good price on eBay.


Martin Williams "

Scan's Action

" The free gifts we include for online orders are added on by an automated rule run by our systems, in which a random product is selected from stock. We appreciate Mr Williams feedback and agree that the TDK gift was too specific in it's functionality to be useful to everyone. We would like to assure anyone else who was disappointed with the TDK gift that we certainly did not intend to cause any problems. Indeed, our free gifts are meant to put a smile on our customers faces, not a frown! :)

In light of customer feedback such as Mr Williams, we have now taken off the TDK gift and replaced it with a keyboard, which we hope will be much more useful to our customers.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "