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  • Posted : 01/12/2005
  • Name: James Kearney
  • Subject: Not Happy with Noise


" Dear Sir/Madame,
Thank you. I have received my 3XS PC and successfully set it up. I am happy with the 19'' Flat screen and with the specification of the PC however, I have a problem and will have to send back the system if it is not resolved. It is to do with the excessive noise of the system. I am a musician and wanted to get into home recording. This is why I decided to look into your systems and in particular your Audio Creation Systems. A friend recommended your company and after along time considering the spec I decided to go for the 3XS Starter-Studio Package.
Your site states:
'The 3XS Starter-Studio Package makes a perfect foundation for a new studio; offering quality hardware and key features to make getting into production easy. Supplied with M-Audio hardware for fidelity and compatibility.'

I think (and hope you agree) that a big 'key feature' would be a system that does not emit much noise as the recording environment necessitates near silence. Now I understand there will be some noise but, not as much as the fans in my system are making. I work in the IT sector installing Servers in Doctors surgeries and even these high powered systems are much quieter than this one.
I am hoping you made a mistake as I ordered the 3XS Starter-Studio but the invoice states a 3XS-H series (High-End) PC. I record in my bedroom and the PC is just too noisy. There is no way you could sucessfully record anything with out the continuous humming sound of the fans in the background. I also bought the TV card for the PC and it's great but you couldn't be bothered watching beacuse you can hardly hear it over the noise.

Now I have noticed that much of the noise comes from a fan (not the PSU fan) located at the back of the PC Case. It is connected to the motherboard. I disconnected this an it has reduced it considerably however, it still sounds like the Proliant ML350 Servers I am involved with at work (and these are in server rooms). I am not sure how stable the system will be without this fan. I would like to keep the spec as similar as possible but a reduction in noise is more imoportant. I am asking you please to look at this Spec again and offer some solutions to reducing the noise whether it be a different, smaller casing or a different cooling system, otherwise I am afraid I will have to return it as it is no good for me to use for my recording.

Finally, I have not yet received my Creative labs Itrigue 3400 21 Speakers. It points out in the invoice that they are out of stock. However, I have had no information regarding this and I still appear to be charged for them. Can you let me know when they are in stock and when I should receive them.

Thank you for your time and I hope we can sort this noise problem.

James Kearney "

Scan's Action

" Resolution:

1. We sent customer out an Akasa 120mm Fan and an Akasa 90mm Fan as these are quieter

2. He was still not happy with noise from the CPU fan so we replaced the CPU Fan for a Zalman for the customer.

3. The speakers as they were still out of stock were changed for an alternate model and sent out to customer, customer now happy and can use his system in his recording studio.

Please Note:

As a result of these issues the specicification of the 3XS Audio Systems has been revised and quieter fans,Quieter CPU Cooler and Soundproofing are added as standard. "