The Word

  • Posted : 08/04/2015
  • Name: Mr Martin Godden
  • Subject: Damaged box


" The large box was delivered on time, but every corner was crushed and there was a small ding in the side :-(. The interior boxes were also all showing some corner damage (Looks like the package went down a flight of stairs!). I've unboxed all parts and they all look OK to the eye (Phew!). I will not be building the system for a couple of days so can't actually say if anything is actually damaged yet. I'll update once the build has happened when I hope the indifferent face can become a happy one! "

Scan's Action

" I apologise for the condition of the box and contents received, please notify us if you do have any problems with any of the items received or you would like any replacing.

I will also notify the courier company DPD so they can review this matter with the delivery depot and driver involved and to try and ensure they are more careful with our orders in the future, however saying that of the thousands of parcels we send on a daily basis we only have to claim for damage or loss on less than 10 parcels a week "