The Word

  • Posted : 10/04/2015
  • Name: Arek
  • Subject: Delivery delayed


" Hi,
This is my first time using service provided by you ( and last. I'll briefly explain the situation for your future benefit , so you can avoid it or not ;). I made order on 08/04/15 with next day delivery before 12pm , at 7pm 9/4/15 I received message about my order being delayed ( I was especially looking for items that are available , cause i wanted to receive them next day and website assured me with that), I try to call u back with no success. Next day which is 10/4/15 i manage to speak with you and person i spoke with assured me about delivery arriving at my home on 11th April and again i received msg at 7pm with order being delayed till Monday 13th.
To conclude this- I lost 300 pounds due to my booked tickets, plans on the weekend and my stay being delayed. "

Scan's Action

" Thank you for your feedback and comments.
I can see your order was placed online on Wednesday at 5.45pm, this meant the order should have been shipped 9th for delivery Friday 10th April.
It is showing the monitor was unavailable at the point of ordering as our stocking levels were showing pre-order. As such the order was delayed by 24 hours.
I can see my colleague Vishal changed your order at 9.18 on Friday 10th April which enabled the order to leave us for delivery the next working day.
I am sorry for the obvious inconvenience caused by the delay of your order. "