The Word

  • Posted : 03/04/2015
  • Name: Mr David Hall
  • Subject: Stock delay


" It was initially hard to find out what time the cut off times were for next day delivery. When I placed the order, all the items were shown to be in stock. I ordered for next day pre 12pm. I then get an email at 9pm that night to say that some items were out of stock, despite your website indicating that they were definitely in stock. This was totally unacceptable as the items were for a business client of mine, who were expecting delivery and installation of the items the next day. Obviously this got delayed causing disruption to both our schedules and me having to apologies to my client for the delivery being a day late. I shall not be using Scan again. "

Scan's Action

" Thank you for your recent feedback,

I apologise sincerely for the delay with your recent order, we do try to ensure customers are kept as up to date as possible in relation to their orders.
The reason our email is sent at close of business is we both receive and ship orders up until this time. For example, if we are to delay around 100 orders, and the email is sent via an email server if we were to email 100 people at 4pm there is still a four hour window where stock may still be received, it could result in these customers changing or cancelling orders unnecessarily. "