The Word

  • Posted : 13/04/2015
  • Name: Mr Stephen Wright
  • Subject: Postage charges


" I wanted to order 2 micro sd cards at the same time as this 10" tablet, but the extra p&p charge was almost the same as the cost of the sd cards. Sales told me that this could be rectified, but by then the order had been processed and that I could not add them to the order. "

Scan's Action

" I apologise you were unable to order the Micro SD cards with your recent order, our website is programmed to work on the first two items at a lower priced delivery and then once a third item is added it automatically charges a higher cost, if you telephone your order through, or order and then mail us providing the items would fit in the express bag the courier provides it would be reduced to £4.57 for any future order.

Kind Regards, "