The Word

  • Posted : 28/12/2005
  • Name: Chris Stos-Gale
  • Subject: Q Collect problems


" Hi,

Over the Christmas period I purchased some items using the Q collect service. Given the name of this service, I assumed this would be quicker than coming in store and ordering from the sales counter. I placed my order on a friday night and expected it to be ready a couple of hours after you opened on Saturday (the 17th of December) After a couple of calls to customer services, I discovered one item was holding up my order and removing this allowed it to progress. I was then told that the person in customer services will tell them I am coming so I set off. Once I got to your store, I had to wait another hour before my order was ready. I was also told one item would need to be got from another warehouse and would take 15 minutes. After 15 minutes of waiting I was told I would need to wait another 15 minutes and at this point I gave up.

I realise you were very busy over the Christmas period and I do not expect miracles; my complaint is not so much about the lack of service I received but the fact that the Q collect service is misadvertised and there is no information regarding lead times on your site. Some information like please order at least a day before you intend to collect, and how long the items will be kept for would be very useful.

I expected to be able to order online and that my order would be prioritised so it would be ready quicker than if I had gone to the sales counter. This was not the case. It would have been quicker for me to have gone in at 11:00am on saturday and ordered from the sales counter.

Chris Stos-Gale "

Scan's Action

" Chris' feedback has been invaluable to us in highlighting an area where we could make some substantial improvements. Following a meeting with our Operations Director and various members of staff, in which we spent a great deal of time discussing all aspects of the Q collect procedure, we concluded that the following problems needed to be addressed:

1. Lack of communication to our customers in the event of out of stock Q collect items.
2. Isolated general delays in the efficiency and speed with which some Q collect orders were being processed by members of staff.
3. Lack of general information available on the website for the Q Collect procedure.

We have now arranged for a dedicated member of our Customer Service Dept to proactively monitor the pending Q collect list during the day and contact customers very promptly by phone and email in the event of stock delays. We have also made some system changes which have enabled our Q collect pickers to monitor their current workload list more efficiently and pick these orders with greater speed. In addition to this we will be wording out a new page for our website which explains fully the Q collect system.

We think these efforts will make the whole Q collect system more consistent, efficient, informative and will give us a greater level of communication with our Q collect customers. We thank Chris for his feedback as it has helped us greatly! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "