The Word

  • Posted : 02/06/2015
  • Name: Stephanie Dewar
  • Subject: 3XS Bespoke notebook


" I bought a Scan 3XS bespoke notebook from yourelves 15 months ago, 3XS graphite LG1710, partly for work purposes, but mainly for gaming. 16gb ram, 17" screen, win 7, intel i7 4800mq, AMD Radeon HD8970M graphics. It has been superb. Now I know that the big hype at the moment is NVidia graphics and 'next gen gaming'. I recently bought The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt, a next-gen game if ever there was one, and would really love to let you know it plays superbly. It looks wonderful, the detail incredible. I can play with all settings on Ultra, (raptr settings) although this sets the fps to around mid 40 fps, acceptable to most people. I prefer a higher frame rate so have my settings mostly on High giving me up to 70fps in some areas. Basically I am saying don't knock AMD - it works well. The twin fans on my notebook are in exactly the right place, kick in and keep it cool, also have a notebook cooler. So far no crashes, plays excellently. In fact it looks better than I could have imagined. It truly is a superb machine. "