The Word

  • Posted : 09/06/2015
  • Name: Paul Halsall
  • Subject: 3XS Built system


" Dear Scan,

I received my G35i computer plus peripherals. Only one gripe. The monitor didn't arrive until 4 days later as it was missed from the main delivery. Scan are a very decent company to deal with and I was in contact with them over numerous matters which they were only too willing to deal with. Scan's delivery couriers, DPD, were on time and the driver was human, he actually spoke to me about delivery and wished me luck.

The computer itself was packaged very carefully and the amount of protection was way over the top.... which is EXACTLY what you need when receiving delicate items.

After unboxing, I inspected the desktop. The amount of room in my pc for airflow was superb, all wires were either hidden or were bundled in such a way as to not clutter up any space. It looked bare, which is good news if one is looking to upgrade hardware. Clean, tidy and attractive looking mb.

When I switched on the pc, boot time was fast. Minimum amount of fuss with installs.

Having used the pc for four days now, I can highly recommend this machine. Super fast, super quiet and the graphics when gaming are beautiful.

Should you wish to publish what I have written, I would have no objection.

Thank you Scan, I have been looking to upgrade for a long time and I wish I'd known about your company sooner!


Paul Halsall.

PS. Please note my email address is different from the one I was dealing with you with prior to delivery.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Sanjay "