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  • Posted : 25/07/2015
  • Name: Darren Crawford
  • Subject: 3xs system


" Hi, You guys are the best !!!
I was on my custom built 3XS pc and all of a sudden everything fused, I was in a panic, so, I phoned scan technical support and told them of the problem, but not a problem for the Scan guys, it seemed that my PSU had blown.
He told me that they will send one to me on that day ( Thursday at around 3pm ) and it will be with me the next day, and to my great delight it was at my door at 2:30pm the next day, plugged it in and my 3XS Z77 Vengeance oc pc was up and running again....within 24 hours.
I really do have to take my hat off the the team at Scan, from the ordering of my pc ( a year ago now ) and to the prompt way they handled my situation to date was utterly flawless and an absolute pleasure, which, I have not experience with other companies that I have dealt with, literately the complete opposite.
If anyone is wanting there dream machine or looking to purchase other goods, then look no further than Scan, they are a great company to deal with and the build quality of there PC's are second to none.

Thank you Scan, Josh and the rest of the team, I'm most appreciated.

Kind Regards

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Josh "