The Word

  • Posted : 03/08/2015
  • Name: Dave Robinson
  • Subject: 3XS Built system


" I just received my new 3XS system and it has totally exceeded my expectations. I wanted a quiet PC for audio work, but also to be able to play the odd game and experiment with Visualization. I ended up choosing the 3XS SA-X6 POWER DAW system, with a few personal tweaks. I have to thank Lee for his patience during the ordering phase as I did change the specs quite a few times, but Lee was very amiable and answered my emails and calls promptly. On unpacking on the Friday everything was fine (amazing packaging) bit I did discover some spare screws were missing which were required to facilitate the installation of extra drives to the sleds. I contacted Rob from support who had them shipped overnight and I got them Saturday morning - how's that for great service? The PC itself runs anything I can throw at it without even breaking a sweat. I will certainly be recommending 3XS/Scan to any of my friends and family should they need a new PC or accessories in future!
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Lee P. (Sales)
Rob W. (Support) "