The Word

  • Posted : 15/08/2015
  • Name: The Word
  • Subject: Excellent customer service


" Order was delayed a few times due to a manufacturer issue that I can't blame SCAN for (Though I do wish they hadn't listed it as in stock if it in fact, wasn't), but even with this complication SCAN was super helpful when it came to price-matching components that had come down in price in the mean time and their responses were very prompt.

I did end up removing the delayed items from my order and had SCAN dispatch it. My order was dispatched the same day at 19:30 and arrived the next day at 09:30. Very nice.

All in all, despite the headaches, I would highly recommend shopping at SCAN.
Excellent customer service, very prompt delivery and a great selection of components,
you can't really ask for more. "