The Word

  • Posted : 15/08/2015
  • Name: The Word
  • Subject: Very happy with Scan's amazing skills


" I have requested a custom build based on the 3XS Z170 Vengeance and have asked for custom components to be installed instead. Asus Strix GTX980, EVGA Supernova G2 650w gold PSU & MSI Z170A Gaming Krait motherboard.

I have received my system yesterday and was mesmerized with the build quality and effort put into it.

The packaging, the extensive bubble wrap in and out of the case to facilitate transport, cable management, attention to detail and the amazing overclock settings within the BIOS (4.4ghz i7 6700K) all top notch quality.

The support team was providing me with updates and peace of mind and ensuring my build would be dispatched to me asap with the maximum attention to detail and quality on my build.

Very happy with Scan's amazing skills in putting this build together and a very well done to all the professionals in this company. "