The Word

  • Posted : 17/08/2015
  • Name: The Word
  • Subject: Failed delivery


" Your chosen delivery company did not deliver my parcel. I have been in all morning. Instead they sent me a photo of my BACK door their driver must have taken and left 2 blank calling cards stuffed under my patio table chair leg.
In the text link I followed from you to the DPD site, they told my no one was in. As mentioned I was in waiting for the package as I urgently needed this order. Today. However now I can't get it until tomorrow. Another day that I will have to ensure I am at home, and as I cannot trust they will deliver it, nor wish to pay extra, I will have to drive to their depot to pick it up.
This is wholly inadequate service and not what I expect from Scan. "

Scan's Action

" Thank you for your email and feedback,

I apologise for the problems with your recent delivery, we have a very good working relationship with DPD. They have very high delivery rates for first time delivery, I am sorry they let you down on this occasion.

I have forwarded your comments onto DPD so they can review this with the delivery depot and driver involved.

Kind Regards, "