The Word

  • Posted : 08/09/2015
  • Name: Andy Benham
  • Subject: Communication was excellent


" As a first time system builder I didn't have the bottle to build everything myself, so I got Scan to put together the cpu, cooler, mother board and RAM,and then overclock it. Have to say, very impressed with everything, it all came well packaged, and they even sent the original boxes and packaging. It worked as per the spec right out of the box, and made building my first computer a lot less fraught than might otherwise have been the case. Oh, and they beat their estimated delivery date by a day, and the communication was excellent, they even included a crib sheet for the system build as a whole. I was even impressed with the sales guy, as he checked that the system bundle would fit into the case that I ordered - always worth a check! The next time I have to build a machine, I probably won't as its so easy to let Scan do the hard bit for you. "