The Word

  • Posted : 21/09/2015
  • Name: Rhys Gardiner
  • Subject: Commend the service


" Hello Scan,

I understand the majority of emails you must read will be concerns questions or complaints from customers but this one is different.

I would just like to take the time to commend the service you provide at Scan. It's fast and reliable. Products have arrived pronto. I've never shopped at a site with such credibility before. Thank-you for supplying me with the products I needed for my new PC in an amazingly timely manner. Outstanding and well done.

I will continue to use the site for all my computing needs. I don't mind paying that little bit extra for some things when the service is top notch. Feels like I know exactly where everything is all the time from when the order is received, even down to when my items are picked from your warehouse... Now that's fantastic.

Thanks again and keep on doing what you're doing with this online store. It's truly great and you deserve to be thanked for it.

Rhys Gardiner

P.S. As I'm writing this my PC case has just arrived 4 days before it was supposed to (wow! It's the Phanteks Ethoo Pro order by the way), especially when I ordered it through your Amazon store (only ordered it there because I saw it was yourselves and I was on Amazon at the time). "