The Word

  • Posted : 21/09/2015
  • Name: Stephen Honnan
  • Subject: Excellent Service


" I've been looking to build a PC for years but I was put off by the potential hassle and the amount of options available. After properly looking into it I found Scan and gave them my budget and roughly what I was looking to build. Lee recommended a slightly different build that was tuned more towards what I would be using the machine for and even after picking up my extras I was well under my budget for a high end PC!

The service I received was excellent and I will be using Scan again! Lee definitely went out his way to sort me out and even talked me through the whole process! This was something I wasn't getting elsewhere which, being fairly new to building such a thing, was what really sold me in the end!

Top lad, top rig: PENG
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Lee Pen "