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  • Posted : 21/09/2015
  • Name: Graham Hunt
  • Subject: Excellent Service


" Some background - my current DAW is running on a pretty old-spec standard desktop machine and I’ve been researching an upgrade for some time. For an old fella like me approaching retirement and on a limited budget, I know that this is probably the last DAW I’ll ever be buying, so I wanted a system that will enable me to keep making and recording music for the foreseeable future. I have limited technical knowledge, so the prospect of investing what for me is a large amount of cash on a new system was quite a stressful one. Am I buying a DAW that would do everything I needed it to? How do I pick my way through all the various specifications of machines. Would it run my chosen software successfully etc etc

I’d never heard of Scan computers, but stumbled on the site via a basic Google search. I looked at all the systems devoted to audio recording and was impressed by the System Overview provided and by the extensive warranty on offer – 1 year on-site and a further 2 years of ‘return to base - parts and labour’, which seemed to me to be a very good deal. However, a lot of the technical info still went over my head, so it was hard to decide which would be the most suitable system for my needs. So I sent an email to their systems support email address with a list of specific questions and received a detailed response from Pete Gardner, giving me clear advice on everything from internet connectivity to the different CPU options available.

So I started asking more questions and I have to say, I was really impressed with how Pete Gardner was prepared to step up and engage with me on a personal level. I gave him detailed information on my current DAW, on the recording software I use, on the type of music I make, how many audio tracks I’d typically use, what kind of plug-ins and soft-synths I use etc etc. Over the course of a further seven or eight emails, I learned a lot from him – I never understood what over-clocking was all about for instance – and at no point during our correspondence did I ever get the feeling that he was going through the motions, or trying to sell me upgrades that I probably wouldn’t need for the level of recording I do. On the contrary, he was very patient with me and understanding of my requirements, which gave me a huge amount of confidence that I was doing the right thing.

Pete also gave me loads of useful information about audio converters. I've been using the Edirol UA-25 which is a neat little unit, but a bit slow. Latency was right on the limits and one of the inputs had failed. Pete reviewed a few different options for me including the Zoom UAC-2, pointing out its super-low latency, USB3 connectivity along with a recent big reduction in its price. Despite having some misgivings about Zoom kit, born out of past experience of their guitar processors, I felt confident in following his guidance.

I took delivery of the system last week - Scan pulled out the stops on delivery for which I'm thankful. I'm still in the process of testing its capabilities, but I tried inserting 10 soft synth tracks and 30 audio tracks in my newly installed sequencer and it handled it easily. It's so quiet that I wasn't even sure it was running, which is very useful in my small and cramped home work space! The Zoom gives me excellent sound, microscopic latency and a software mixer interface which will also come in handy. So far, I'm very impressed and I don't expect any dramas – with Scan's warranty I can pretty much relax and get back to making music.

Finally, I'd just like to say that it's been so nice to make an online purchase and run across someone who clearly loves what he does and displays real empathy with his prospective customer's needs and requirements. If it wasn't for his personal approach and his understanding of what I needed, I doubt I'd have had the confidence to make this investment. Pete Gardner is quite simply, very good at his job - thanks for all your help, Pete!
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