The Word

  • Posted : 28/09/2015
  • Name: Mr Lewis Bell
  • Subject: Massive Thank you


" Good Day!

I would just like to say massive thank you for amazing customer service and
cannot express how happy I am with my laptop.

I am really glad I opted for a custom built laptop, the build quality for the price is outstanding.

I received various emails from the build team keeping me up to date when I would be receiving the laptop, I don't think i've ever had that from a company. Once the laptop was built, it was shipped really fast to my home up in Scotland. Well within 24 hours of it being built and to my home. Might I add very well packaged too!

I installed my copy of windows 10, everything worked perfect straight out the box, including the wifi working without the drivers being installed?!

The quality of the laptop casing/chassis far exceeded my expectations. the casing/screen/keyboard is on par with MSI/ASUS builds in terms of quality

The system is rapid t too. As I am typing this I have a bunch of adobe programs and webpages open and its just flying through all the pages.

I've always recommended scan to my friends for their pc needs, but next time someone asks me about laptops, I will certainly be telling them buy a
3XS build.

Thank you and keep up the great service!

Best Regards

Lewis Bell "