The Word

  • Posted : 13/10/2015
  • Name: mike pringle
  • Subject: Happy Bunny!


" After my trusty old laptop died suddenly I realised what a minefield it is trying to buy a new one with the right specification at the right price with out huge amounts of unwanted software already installed. Not only that I wasn't really interested in Windows 10 or even 8 as I wanted to reinstall my Win 7 pro system from a backup image.
Well I've been a happy Scan customer for years so i thought OK, I'll see what I can get and ended up , quite by chance, looking at the 3xs systems.
I had my budget in mind so I was able to configure it as close as practical and because I could remove unwanted stuff like the OS from the spec I could afford a decent SSD. Well OK I broke the budget a little for some higher spec stuff but who doesn't?
The result? Here I am sitting with a fantastical and fast laptop writing what amounts to a glowing review for service, keeping me informed of progress and most important of all giving me a choice in the spec of this machine rather than having to pay over the odds or accept the nearest I could get for the money available.
I am one happy bunny! Need a laptop? Go see Scan would be my advice every time............ "