The Word

  • Posted : 19/11/2015
  • Name: Mr James Dennison
  • Subject: Postage refund


" I won't be shopping at Scan again due to only getting a partial refund. £12 out of pocket having to send an item back, and then to get cheated out of another £6 on my refund. If this was amazon i would get the full refund and the return picked up for me instead of having to do the legwork.

Disgusting service, will be my last time ordering from scan, i'll pay the extra on amazon, all the while knowing i'll get my money back. "

Scan's Action

" Thank you for your recent e-mail the contents of which has been noted.

Please note that a full refund for the cost of the goods: £35.41 has been processed and in addition the delivery charge of £5.48 has also been refunded, this previously had not been refunded this was a mistake for which we apologise.

Please be aware that when returning goods that are unwanted you are required to return the goods at your own cost we are not required to collect goods that are unwanted or reimburse your out of pocket expenses to return unwanted goods.

Kind regards "