The Word

  • Posted : 22/12/2015
  • Name: Mr Uwe Ahrendt
  • Subject: Great service all around!


" Ordered a 3XS X99 Fallout 980 Ti.
Great service all around, thanks to the team!

Build schedule was initially delayed two days because of high demand, but hey, it's this time of the year, shortly before the holidays, so no big deal.
I was very well informed all through the process, the real time tracking was a real nice service and added to the confidence as a customer.
Delivery extremely quick - build complete and despatched Friday afternoon and delivered on Saturday morning around 10am. Thank you (and the carrier...)!

Build quality is excellent, nothing more to say about that.

I had to take the extreme OC down a notch as the system was really unstable - too many bluescreens to count and every one with a different error message which led me quickly to the right suspect, but I know this can really depend on the components working together. Since then the system is running really smoothly and absolutely without any issues. Great job!

I can definitely recommend your service and would buy again.
There are not too many services like you out there where the high promises from the website are actually delivered.

Thank you!

Uwe. "