The Word

  • Posted : 23/12/2015
  • Name: Zachary Steadman
  • Subject: Wow!


" Long time customer here. Always had a good service buying from SCAN and never ran into any problems. Recently I had to return an item for the first time and having never returned anything before, I was really anxious about it. You guys made it easy and guided me through the whole process, even if I kept phoning up to ask seemingly silly questions such as how to package it, but each person I talked to was really helpful and didn't complain.

When it got back to you guys, I was pleasantly surprised to see the replacement ready to be dispatched on the same day and with next day delivery for free! Wow!! So I now have my replacement which is working just fine just in time for Christmas. So that was a great gift for me! Haha. :) Thank you guys and keep up the great work! "