The Word

  • Posted : 24/01/2016
  • Name: Yasin
  • Subject: Hats off to the guys!


" I purchased a bundle for work related matters. Unfortunately it kept crashing with the blue screen. The manager openly acknowledged the error and did all he could to rectify the issue. Scan kindly offered a refund without hesitation but instead I chose an alternative. 

After the technicians tried remotely resolving the issue with a new overclock profile but with no success....  The bundle was booked in and diligently overclocked at several stresses to ensure no further problems would arise. Offered goodwill gestures as a means to make good for any inconvenience. 

The team that dealt with the query handled the issue professionally and delivered a service which exceeded my expectations. Kindly offered additional services which helped a customer like myself to have less to worry as they responded with offering a fully functional, neatly built workstation on arrival to continue my work. Most of all they were friendly and very helpful.

I've been Left reassured for any future instances. Hats off to the guys! "