The Word

  • Posted : 25/01/2016
  • Name: Dave Austin
  • Subject: Awesome Bundle!


" I've been shopping with scan for what must be over 10 years now (original custompc magazine sponsor) and visited the store in Bolton to win 2 of the great little competitions they hold every now and again. This year I wanted a nice stress free build, with no risk of finding out any of my parts had technical issues after putting them together myself so I went with a Scan 3XS Overclocked bundle. This option was awesome, I could select the exact parts I wanted, with a motherboard that had only just come into stock while staff were happy to indulge my request for a RAM upgrade for the selected bundle while maintaining the best speeds. So everything arrived well packed, professionally overclocked and runs like a dream. Fully recommend people use this service for upgrading, well worth the extra money!
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
James Diggle "