The Word

  • Posted : 06/02/2016
  • Name: Mark
  • Subject: Fantastic service!


" I turned up at the store at 5:29 on a Friday after tearing across the country from an appointment in Grimsby and en Route to Blackpool, through horrendous traffic and on a journey that would eventually total more than 5 hours. You can imagine that I was going to be pretty frustrated if Scan was closed when I arrived. Although clearly the start of a weekend and with everyone eager to leave, I was allowed in to place an order. Tom showed the patience of a saint and stayed behind to make sure I had everything I needed. If he had turned up at my office at that time on a Friday, I doubt I would have shown such understanding (probably why I'm not in retail). Unfortunately the case I wanted was in another warehouse but I'm told it will be moved today (following day) and I'm heading back to collect soon.

It's easy to score passing trade, especially with competitive prices, but service and understanding of this magnitude are the difference between a single purchase and a committed repeat customer. With word of mouth being the powerful advertising tool it is, I expect Scan to pick up one or two more customers following this experience.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Tom Gregory "