The Word

  • Posted : 14/04/2016
  • Name: Richard Crosby
  • Subject: Fantastic service 3XS!


" Having built my own PC's since about 15 - I was reluctant to hand over the build to someone else.

However, having got to the point where I just want to get a machine and press the power button - I ended up at 20 minutes on the phone to one of their excellent sales representative (ask for Carl!) answered all the questions I had - and I placed an order online that evening.

The whole order process and every point of contact was one of the best I've seen from a retailer (and I own an online retail company!). The order tracking process was second to none, even providing photographs of the build in progress. A Scan representative also got in touch during the build to answer any question and update me on progress.

Very rarely am I impressed with online retailers in an age where it's so easy for anyone to do - but at they do it right - and to top if off - offer fantastic, competitive pricing.

I haven't even mentioned their excellent (open case!) warranty, Google certification, hugely positive reviews etc. etc. - the list goes on.

In short - fantastic order process, tracking and customer service - not to mention great pricing and build / delivery times.

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Carl - Telephone sales "