The Word

  • Posted : 24/06/2016
  • Name: Terry White
  • Subject: Excellent Build Quality


" I have never experienced the level of service before that I have received from San computers.
I opted for specking my own parts for the build and letting Scan with their 3XS system philosophy build it for me. From the Initial contact with Lee Holden and numerous emails later we had got the ideal build for me sorted.
The build was by Adam T and what a job this technician has done, the machine virtually purrs. The packaging is excellent keeping the computer safe in transit and when it arrived it was a very simple job to get it up and running, due to the fact that every thing from Bios update to XMP profiles set etc etc had been done for me.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Scan to any purchaser and I know who I will be getting to build my computers for me in the future, it will be Scan & only Scan computers. "