The Word

  • Posted : 04/07/2016
  • Name: Wayne
  • Subject: Great reception staff!


" Dear sir or madam
I am writing to u just to say how great your staff are i came down on Monday from Liverpool to pick up a gpu 1070 gtx gigabyte and i spoke to 2 lads one at the vive vr display area and another lad at the till both lads gave excellent customer service and took there time helping me out they were very helpful and do your company credit and when i was collecting my item the lady at collections was very pleasant to talk to and was very well manned i also thought the nissan nvidia gtr car outside looked great i took a couple of pictures of the car hope you dont mind i am a car enthusiast and a sim racer all in all i had a great experience coming to your suppliers and i look forward in coming up again in the near future
Yours gratefully
Wayne francis "