The Word

  • Posted : 02/09/2016
  • Name: Shamik
  • Subject: Fantastic shopping experience


" I have just taken delivery of two Hache P tablets

I wanted to say a genuine thank you and appreciation of how simple and easy to follow your website was and also how quickly I receive the goods and most importantly how up-to-date I was kept for each step of my customer journey.

Not only did I receive the goods in perfect condition but also you sent a little box of screen wipes which I thought was just such a fantastic little touch

Keep up the fabulous work and I will be definitely recommending you to everyone I speak to and will be looking forward to purchasing two new laptops for my daughters who are going to university in a weeks time

To be honest I could do with some advice on those computers so someone has the time they can give me a ring thank you

Shamik S Patel "