The Word

  • Posted : 25/09/2016
  • Name: Simon
  • Subject: Amazing Returns!


" I bought a pretty pricey Gsync 144hz 1440p monitor which didn't wake from sleep, so sent it for RMA. Scan (who I've used for years) promptly accepted the RMA without question. They tested it within 4 days of me sending (they arranged and paid for collection and redelivery), and told me no fault could be found. I was a little hesitant but took it back and tested it a bit more thoroughly on my rig. Sure enough, there was a "deep sleep" function on the osd and once I'd disabled that, the monitor worked as expected. It was total user error, yet they never made me feel stupid, and in fact told me if the issue persisted they would take it back without question, but it is working perfectly. They were the cheapest around for the monitor which is a quality product, they use dpd which, certainly in my area are the best guys around for delivery, consistently arriving at the beginning of the 1 hour window. Scans support and customer services is efficient, human and understanding. I can't recommend them enough. Very happy customer of 10 years, keep it up, Scan, much appreciated! "