The Word

  • Posted : 20/11/2016
  • Name: Peter Fuller
  • Subject: Website feedback


" Don't like new web site where is the list by lowest price and make filter gone? "

Scan's Action

" We really appreciate you taking the time out to send us your thoughts and feedback. Most of the improvements we've made over the years have been based on customer feedback so people's opinions are really important to us...It really helps us to keep bettering ourselves.

A lot of time, care and consideration has been put into the new site and we do hope you come to enjoy our creation although of course as this is a brand new site, we expect there to be some issues, which will be ironed out as we come across them. The feature section is still there at the top of the page before the product listings.

I have forwarded your comments onto our Web development team and also our Directors we will be making improvements and amendments where possible and we will prioritise them accordingly, once logged please be patient to allow us to implement the changes.

If you require any other assistance in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us further.

Kind Regards, "