The Word

  • Posted : 26/11/2016
  • Name: Kris
  • Subject: Issue with delivery


" While the product itself was fantastically priced, my experience with delivery has so far been terrible.

The first delivery email I received on the 25th was great, filled me with optimism and let me know I would have time to do everything else I needed to get done on Saturday:

"On the morning of Saturday 26th November you'll receive a 1 hour delivery time slot and you'll be able to live track your order on its way to you"

The second delivery email I received on the 26th at 11.55AM (technically still morning but only just) was less than inspiring:

"Your Scan Computers order will be delivered today between 06:00-17:00"

My definition of "1-hour delivery time slot" and Scans differ quite considerably. Now I am sat waiting for a delivery, unable to go and do anything else I need to get done today.

Very unimpressed. "

Scan's Action

" Thank you for your email and feedback,

I apologise for the problems with your recent delivery, we have a very good working relationship with DPD. They have very high delivery rates for first time delivery, I am sorry they let you down on this occasion.

I have forwarded your comments onto DPD so they can review this with the delivery depot and driver involved.

Kind Regards, "