The Word

  • Posted : 13/12/2016
  • Name: Nick
  • Subject: Refurbished items


" It gives me absolutely no confidence buying from any company listing so many refurbished products along side their new products. Having wasted so much time returning products with factory seals broken and repackaged items sold as brand new, to suppliers over the last several decades, I now look for every indication that the company that I am buying from is only advertising and selling new factory sealed items and that it is clearly indicated on the website, or that assurances are given by the company to that effect. Any products listed as other than new should be clearly separated from the new items on the website or ideally sold on a separate site under an alternative business identity. "

Scan's Action

" Thank you for your feedback, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced.

We do offer refurbished item on our main website, all our refurbished items are actually refurbished by the manufacture themselves and not us. This is giving our customers an excellent product but at a cheaper cost.
For example our refurbished items come with full warranty (unless otherwise stated) with us or the manufacture, this is clearly advertised in the listing. Since we have started offering these items, we have sold an excess amount across our whole product range.

We can fully understand your concern in this matter, and hope we have reassured you. If you experience any issues with these items, we have an excellent returns / technical team that will be more than happy to assist you further.

Kind Regards "