The Word

  • Posted : 24/12/2016
  • Name: Paul
  • Subject: Christmas Miracle :)


" Today was possibly the worst day in a PC gamers life, my EVGA 1080 FTW decided now is the best possible time to express his Christmas delight by bursting into flames.

A quick call to Scan was followed by an Christmas dash to the store in the hope of salvaging what little of my festive joy. I was met by a man who in hindsight, can only be described as Scan's very own Santa Claus.

He explained how I might need to wait 2 weeks just to receive my money back to purchase a new GPU. I'd not only miss the Steam sales but I'd have nothing to game on until well into the New year, Christmas was cancelled.

No doubt sensing my heart breaking he asked if he could take my GPU into the back (where the elves are surely) to be inspected and soon enough he returned saying I could have an exchange.


A Christmas miracle if there ever was one and not only an exchange ... but for a different brand too (I had no intention of installing another Christmas cracker in my rig).

So a big thank you to Santa (and the elves out back), absolutely astounding service from Scan yet again, a heart warming story that will be told to the children during Christmas at my house for years to come.

Paul "