The Word

  • Posted : 29/12/2016
  • Name: James Hindley
  • Subject: Fantastic service :)


" Hi

I've just tried to order a graphics card from you. Unfortunately the item was out of stock and I've had to cancel the order but I'm still delighted with my experience with you guys.

I'd like to compliment your team on the way you've handled the whole order. I was extremely promptly informed that the item was out of stock and kept up to date throughout. Its because of this action that I've been able to request a cancellation (with no hassle whatsoever!) in time to buy from another supplier and I've not wound up dissapointed.

I work in logistics supply chain myself in the healthcare industry and its easy for me to spot that you've done an excellent job in dealing with this. When everything goes according to plan its easy, its in the exceptions like this that a good team shines. Presuming i get the refund in the 5 working days I'm going to be returning to your website to buy a set of ANC headphones in a couple of months for sure.

Also i appreciate the free shipping code :)

All the best, merry chrimbo
James "