The Word

  • Posted : 07/02/2017
  • Name: John Smith
  • Subject: Fantastic Tech support!


" I purchased an extra (large) internal hard disk drive for the PC Scan built for me a couple of years ago. I can take off the back of a computer and sort of poke around, but I am definitely NOT a computer technician. I had to go to the guys for technical help two or three times this week, asking some very basic questions. They were brilliant. The patiently tried to help me along the path until this afternoon I finally got all the stuff plugged in. I fired up the PC and checked that it was working OK, which it was. But I could not see the new drive listed. I phoned back for technical help and they talked me through it step by step, waiting while I found the relevant screens from Control Panel and so forth. This is by no means the first time I have had help like this. So, a big thanks from me. "