The Word

  • Posted : 16/02/2017
  • Name: Graham Silcock
  • Subject: Extremely satisfied customer


" Extremely satisfied customer - I ordered the basic 15.6" 3XS MVW-10 laptop for portable video editing - added an extra 8gb of ram - very efficient shopping experience, laptop arrived next day as promised - installed Adobe CC and have been using it hard 8 to 12 hours a day for the last three months - it's been in an out of cycle panniers and through London traffic daily - it's a fantastically quick machine, handling 4k footage and super fast exports for broadcast are no problem at all - and it's never yet blue-screened or missed a beat (I prefer it to the desktops in the suites!)
Only criticism would be the speakers are really quiet - not really a problem as I work with headphones most of the time - and I wish I'd upgraded the disk space as I keep having to archive - but overall super satisfied - I would definitely recommend this laptop and Scan computers to anyone "