The Word

  • Posted : 17/03/2017
  • Name: David Reid
  • Subject: Quick and painless returns


" I always go to scan first and have done for years. I feel confident using scan for my orders and would not hesitate to recommend them over any other computer parts retailer. Aside from all my orders arriving promptly by their reputable courier DPD. Two noteworthy instances are a duplicate order put through that they phoned straight away just to confirm I needed the second order or not (this is great as I made a mistake my end). Secondly, I had a brand new kabylake system purchased recently which decided not to work at all. I had never used the rma system before so was unsure how smoothly things would go. Rest assured it was quick and painless and everything was turned around well within one week! I thought I would mention Michael W as he was the one organising everything according to the email so have a thumbs up and keep up the good work!.. Happy to say the new system is working flawlessly! I will continue to make scan my first search for pc parts in the future and thanks for all your help! "