The Word

  • Posted : 20/03/2017
  • Name: Jonathan
  • Subject: Great NVIDIA open day


" Popped down for the 1080Ti day thought I would make a family day out, brought the wife after all she says yes or no to the stuff i buy, also brought my son nephew and some of his mates. Have to say as per Scan you did an amazing job the day and event was spot on.

Scott was on hand to talk to and getting players ready for the days event he not only had time to stop and talk shop but asked how my system, other bits and bobs where doing that I had bought on recommendation, this proved the scan team do remember and go out of there way to show each and every customer is always welcomed back and with great service.

thanks scan for the great day out food and goodies will be back soon hopefully to buy more gear wife permitting ;) "